National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Suzuka College

Fundamental principle

Educational principle
  1. Educate the student to have a rich sense of humanity with an engineer’ s spirit, and to be capable of evaluating values with a wide perspective.
  2. Educate the student to have a deep insight and practical skills based on high-level expert knowledge and technology regarding science and technology.
  3. Educate the student to have the power of challenging unknown issues so as to create new values.
  4. Educate a student to have the power of training body and soul and establishing his or her identity, so as to open the way to the future.
The image of engineer to foster at NIT,SC
  1. A student with a wide perspective and rich humanity, so as to continuously study for his or her entire life.
  2. A student with high-level expert knowledge and technology, so as to develop deep insight and practical skills.
  3. A student with rich creativity, with the power of studying issues and offering solutions.
  4. A student who is internationally minded with excellent communication skills.

Desired Candidate

  1. A candidate who thoroughly understands the study contents at the junior high school.
  2. A candidate who is interested in mathematics and physics, and dreams about the development of science.
  3. A candidate who actively seeks challenges and who is motivated to study voluntarily.
  4. A candidate who cares other people and cooperates with them.

Education System


  1. Educational goal

    5-year Program
    The five years (15~20 age) of thorough, consistent culture refinement education and practical engineering education provides the students with basic knowledge and technology to become human resources who will play an active role as richly creative practical engineers with the power to study throughout his or her lifetime.

    Advanced Course education
    This course (21~22 age) educates the students to become practical engineers who have high-level, broad expert knowledge, creativity and deep insight for decision making, so that the students can play active, important roles internationally in science and technology.

  2. Goal regarding research

    The school continues to do research so that the education contents promptly match the development of academia. For this purpose, the school carries out not only academic studies but also promotes advanced studies, complex/fusion area studies beyond departments, joint study teaming up with commercial industries, and undertakes contracted study. While providing the society with the achievement of these studies widely through presentations and registration of intellectual property rights and so forth, we continue to contribute to human resource development and to regions and industries.

  3. Goals in relation to collaboration/cooperation with society and international exchange

    Through regional exchange, regional collaboration/cooperation, and joint study with commercial industries, The National Institute of Technology Suzuka College (NIT,SC) returns the achievements of education and research to the society and endeavors to collaborate and cooperate. The school is also a regional lifetime study organization.
    Continuing to develop international student exchanges under the agreements with overseas higher educational organizations and promoting education of engineers with international perspectives and knowledge, NIT,SC actively receives exchange students.

  4. Goal of school management

    Under the leadership of the school principal, the Management Committee establishes the cycle of planning, deliberation, implementation and evaluation. For prompt, efficient management, the position, functions, deliberations, and discussions of the Management Committee and various other committees are clearly defined.
    For overall activities, such as education and research, at NIT, SC, the staff conducts self-diagnosis and evaluation, while also soliciting comments and opinions broadly from external sources to manage the school openly.
    In addition, to distribute limited resources strategically, the system for allocating resources efficiently according to the management policy of NIT, SC has been reorganized while reviewing internal organizations to streamline office functions, as well as improving the skills and capabilities of the general and technical officers.